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In the unforgiving world of television… combating ageism and obsession with appearance is a constant challenge. But one I think I've managed to overcome with the help of Peggy Stringer Chief Clinician of The Monkstown Laser Skin Clinic. For someone, like me who'd never consider 'going under the knife', the wonderful, rejuvenating results on my skin from her IPL sessions and peels have provided that priceless bonus…confidence. In this Aladdin's cave of anti ageing treatments Peggy only promises what she can deliver. So her skin remedies have worked not just on my face and body but for my soul! Why? Because Peggy is unique in Ireland in that she's trained with one of the world's top laser practitioners, Dr Benjamin Ascher of the famous Paris Clinique Iena. She continues to work alongside him regularly upgrading her skills, keeping abreast of new techniques and innovative treatments in the ever evolving world of skin laser treatments. Nowadays I'm so happy 'in my own new skin' I'm often tempted to approach strangers with problem skin and say, 'I've got just the woman for you!'

Mary Finnegan
TV Journalist

After years of working in the outdoors and never taking the precautions of sunscreen we all know we should do, I had quite a lot of small sun damage thread veins on my face which bothered me. Four Photo Rejuvenation laser treatments later and they are gone… just like that. No after effects except a little swelling for a few hours, which Peggy had warned me about, it wasn’t painful, but was a bit uncomfortable momentarily. I like the results so much I came back for laser hair removal and have achived fantastic results; it was really a worthwhile exercise and the cost of laser hair removal was much less than I expected. I feel safe and looked after in the Monkstown Laser Skin Clinic and would recommend it, and Peggy, to anyone.

Vanessa MD
Professional Services Company

I have been going to Peggy for the past two years. She has been a wonder with my skin. I get Microdermabrasion and glycolic peelings which really enhance my skin, to the point people comment how fresh I look. Peggy is one of those rare skin care experts who is not only extremely friendly but also exceptional in her job, and I have complete trust in her ability. I recommend her always to all my clients and would highly recommend her to everybody.

Ken Boylan
Make up artist

I've had facial hair for many years and have always felt embarrassed about it. Finally at the grand old age of 80 I decided to sort it out. Monkstown Laser Skin Clinic was recommended for laser hair removal to me by my daughter, and as I'm not a regular salon sort of lady, when I arrived I really appreciated Peggy's skill, advice and kindness. After one treatment it was dramatically improved, I couldn’t believe it, and now after four treatments I am practically hair free - permanently!! I'm thrilled I finally plucked (pardon the pun) up the courage to deal with the problem; I've learned it's never too late!!

Housewife and Grandmother

I was turning 40 and really felt my skin was very tired and dull looking, and I wanted a fresh and blemish free skin. With Peggys advice I had two peels, Microdermabrasion and IPL. I simply can’t believe how my skin has improved, my skin is now glowing and I am blemish free. I have passed on Monkstown Laser Skin Clinics name to all my friends.

Dara McManus
Fashion professional

Having just come to the end of my laser skin treatments with Monkstown Laser Skin clinic I just wanted to say thank you….. It has made an enormous difference to the way I feel about myself.