I would highly recommend Peggy in Monkstown Skin Clinic. Having suffered with bad breakouts all through my twenties (I am now 30), I went to Peggy earlier this year. Peggy recommended a course of products and treatments. Peggy warned me that the treatments would likely cause my skin to get worse in order to get better and while I do have some breakouts after treatments, I can really notice the ongoing improvement. After a few weeks using the products Peggy recommended and just one treatment my skin was already looking the best it had in years and it is getting better and better all the time. It’s great to have finally found a skin care regime that actually works

Laura Reid, Bride-to-be

On a mission to get my skin in tip top shape for my wedding, I visited Peggy Stringer at Monkstown Laser Skin Clinic. After a lengthy consultation, Peggy prescribed a mix of Microdermabrasion, peels, IPL and Viora for rehydration, complemented by Jan Marini products at home. The treatments are pain free with no downtime and my skin has genuinely never looked better – I couldn’t be happier! I’d thoroughly recommend a trip to Monkstown Laser Skin Clinic to anyone who simply wants to look their very best.

Peggy was thoroughly professional and delight to work with she has held my hand throughout this journey with my skin and (was) determined to help me look and feel a million dollars on my big day! Having her confidence and know-how has helped with my own. I know I'll be feeling radiant on the inside and outside!

Lisa Canon, TV presenter

Having just come to the end of my laser skin treatments with Monkstown Laser Skin clinic I just wanted to say thank you. It has made an enormous difference to the way I feel about myself.

Celine, Mother

I have been going to Peggy for the past two years. She has been a wonder with my skin. I get Microdermabrasion and glycolic peelings which really enhance my skin, to the point people comment how fresh I look. Peggy is one of those rare skin care experts who is not only extremely friendly but also exceptional in her job, and I have complete trust in her ability. I recommend her always to all my clients and would highly recommend her to everybody.

Ken Boylan, Make-up artist

Peggy has been looking after my skin for the past couple of years now and I can honestly say that I have never been so happy with it. She was meticulous in treating my adult acne ahead of my wedding and has continued to provide the same care, expertise and professionalism in the ongoing care of my skin. Peggy introduces me to new techniques and treatments all the time; she has taught me so much in terms of home-care and products.

I now get regular compliments on my skin – this never used to happen! I am confident wearing only SPF because its natural state does not need the heavy coverage I resorted to in the past. I'm delighted to have discovered Monkstown Laser and would recommend the clinic wholeheartedly.

Irene O'Brien, Fashion broadcaster

Peggy is not only a wonderful and kind person, she is amazing at her job and the advice she gives is so good. I am so happy that I have started going to her for peels and microdermabrasion. I can see a difference in my skin already. There is nothing better out there than Monkstown Laser Clinic.

Tanya McGilligan (Facebook review)

I never remember my skin being blemish-free. Even when it looked reasonably clear from a distance, it was really dull looking. Up close, it’s covered in tinny little lumps and bumps, just really congested. For years I have been on this holy grail mission in search for makeup and treatments that would give me that perfect dewy finish without looking like I’m caked in make-up (which I found just seemed to make me look older). I have spent an absolute fortune on primers, foundations, cleansers, Microexfoliants, detox diets, supplements etc. trying to get that result. Being nearly 40 I had given up and just accepted that this was just my skin. Then a friend of mine who was getting ready for her wedding told me about Peggy.

Within five months of monthly visits my skin is better than I ever remember it being. It is completely smooth and clear. Now I no longer wear foundation on a daily basis and wear a cheap factor 40 BB cream instead. My skin is unbelievably clear and I seem to be able to achieve a naturally dewy finish without any primers highlighters etc. Peggy’s no-nonsense clinical approach to my skin is the only treatment I have ever spent money that has actually worked. I regularly get compliments on my skin. People regularly say ‘your skin is amazing what foundation are you wearing?’. What I have come to realize is that when your skin is in brilliant condition your skin looks great no matter what you put on it! Peggy thank you so much you are the best 40th birthday present I could ever give myself!

Ashling McClenaghan

Peggy has truly transformed my skin. I had very bad pigmentation when I started to visit Peggy, now my whole skin tone has improved so much. I now have the confidence to go out without makeup on, something I never did before. I maintain monthly treatments to keep my skin in tip-top condition. Peggy is my secret weapon, my skin wizard. Every woman needs Peggy.

Ingrid Hoey, Stylist

In the unforgiving world of television… combating ageism and obsession with appearance is a constant challenge. But one I think I've managed to overcome with the help of Peggy Stringer, Chief Clinician of Monkstown Laser Skin Clinic. For someone, like me, who'd never consider 'going under the knife', the wonderful, rejuvenating results on my skin from her IPL sessions and peels have provided that priceless bonus…confidence. In this Aladdin's cave of anti-ageing treatments Peggy only promises what she can deliver. So her skin remedies have worked not just on my face and body but for my soul! Why? Because Peggy is unique in Ireland in that she's trained with one of the world's top laser practitioners, Dr. Benjamin Ascher of the famous Paris Clinique Iena. She continues to work alongside him regularly upgrading her skills, keeping abreast of new techniques and innovative treatments in the ever evolving world of skin laser treatments. Nowadays I'm so happy 'in my own new skin' I'm often tempted to approach strangers with problem skin and say, 'I've got just the woman for you!'

Mary Finnegan, TV Journalist

When I finally decided to start looking after my skin I started my internet trawl. During this a colleague recommended Peggy to me. I have never been so grateful. Peggy's understanding of treatments and realistic results is outstanding - no unrealistic promises. Peggy works with your skin to enhance it to be best that it can be. Peggy's personalised approach makes you feel like you are in the hands of someone who truly understands how you feel about your skin and helps you get the results you want.

When my Mum (from the Midlands) who had just turned seventy wanted to start getting treatment for age spots and her skin in general I had no hesitation telling her to travel to see Peggy - Mum had a number of consultations locally and all with same blanket approach and package suggestions. Mum needed to feel special and that she was in the hands of an expert. This is one of Peggy's greatest gifts - you leave the clinic after your treatment feeling like a million dollars, you have just been catching up with a friend and you look forward to your next appointment.

Peggy also employs the best. I have been with Ann for several appointments with the same results. Peggy's skill is unquestionable and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her to anyone looking for a real one-on-one personalised approach to their skin that is results-driven.

Kylie and Betty, Daughter and Mother

I was turning 40 and really felt my skin was very tired and dull looking, and I wanted a fresh and blemish free skin. With Peggy’s advice I had two peels, Microdermabrasion and IPL. I simply can’t believe how my skin has improved, my skin is now glowing and I am blemish free. I have passed on Monkstown Laser Skin Clinics name to all my friends.

Dara McManus, Fashion professional

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